What to expect

We assess the paediatric foot and identify any problem areas that can be the root cause of current issues or help flag potential future concerns.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it best for my child to wear shoes?

A child that starts to walk should be encouraged to walk barefoot where safe to do so, or wear a protective/soft shoe when outdoors, as this aids muscle and nerve development of the foot. As your child grows, the shoe should become supportive and always have fastening mechanisms.

Is it normal for my child to have flat feet?

It is normal for children to appear to have flat feet up until the age of 7, at which time this should naturally resolve.

What does a paediatric assessment entail?

We will assess your child’s hip, knee, ankle and foot range of motion, assess their walking and footwear, and take a comprehensive medical history.

Your paediatrics specialists

Our podiatrists aim to identify any problem your child is experiencing and provide advice accordingly.

Karmen Krasic

Karmen Krasic

Director / Podiatrist

Kathleen O'Brien

Kathleen O'Brien

Director / Podiatrist

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