Nail, Corn & Callus Management

Treatment of skin lesions including hard skin, corns, blisters, warts and infections

These are common, and for something that appears so small, can play a significant role adversely affecting everyday activities. It is important to identify these problems to reduce their recurrence.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do corns and calluses develop?

Predominately they develop due to abnormal pressure over the skin.

What causes thick nails?

Causes may include trauma, various skin/nail conditions (such as psoriasis) or fungal infections to the nail plate.

Why do I keep getting blisters?

Blisters are the result of friction and may be caused by ill-fitting footwear/socks or poor mechanics of the foot.

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Karmen Krasic

Karmen Krasic

Director / Podiatrist

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Kathleen O'Brien

Director / Podiatrist

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