We empower our patients by providing them with the most up-to-date information

Passing on knowledge to our patients enables them to gain a better understanding of their condition, and in return, helps improve outcomes.  It is highly rewarding to see patients make informed choices about their treatment options and achieve their goals.

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What can I learn?

Footwear Advice

Footwear education is one of the most common topics discussed in the clinic and is relevant to everyone. Footwear advice incorporates treatment options and extends to alternative lacing techniques and activity specific footwear.

Nail pathologies

Identifying the cause of nail pathology is paramount to treating the underlying condition. Often advertising and marketing influence the sales of certain over the counter products, but with the right information, we can help improve treatment outcomes.

Skin conditions affecting the feet

As an example, understanding the mechanics behind corn and callus formation can help patients prevent their recurrence and thus eliminate the necessity of having to regularly have them removed.

Preventative screening

Educating patients on early prevention measures may help avert short and long term foot problems.

Your education specialists

Educating patients is fundamental to our business.  This ranges from basic foot care to high risk/complex foot advice.

Karmen Krasic

Karmen Krasic

Director / Podiatrist

Kathleen O'Brien

Kathleen O'Brien

Director / Podiatrist

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